Access the Largest Marketplace of Wholesale & Owner Finance Deals

Looking for properties at pennies on the dollar…or owner financed rentals? REIMatcher matches wholesale & owner financed properties to real estate investors looking for deals. Gain exclusive access to investor-grade properties as well as over 30,000 motivated sellers, cash buyers, private lenders, retail buyers, and other investors across North America looking to partner on deals.

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What's Happening Right Now...

What Investors are Saying…

  • George_glumac
    “ I have checked out at least a dozen real estate investing systems in the past 16 months and spent a ton of money looking for integrity, value, and automation. MAPS/AMPS is by far the best for providing a real service, a sophisticated platform and fast cash. “
    George Glumac
  • Buyer-60
    “ This is a Game / Life Changer. Thank you Phill and Damon for being sincere and straight to the point. You both are great Teachers and explain everything very well. Thank You for that. “
    Harold Paul-Emile
  • Buyer-60
    “ Looks like a solid program and network database for matching of buyers and sellers and very uniquely being able to work with other investors to the benefit of all. I am ready to put the concept to work and be part of the network! “
    John Eden
  • Melody_balk
    “ You guys have done a stellar job! Thanks! I'm thrilled to be a part of this! “
    Melody Balk
  • Buyer-60
    “ Wow! I love this site, it seems so powerful. I'm looking forward to learning and earning w/this system. Tks Phill & Team! “
    Joe Riddell
  • Rose_robinson
    “ I have tried different systems and have yet to find one that fits my personality and is easy to do...this seems like it might fit the bill perfectly. “
    Rose Robinson
  • Buyer-60
    “ This is awesome. I am not a computer savvy person but I can learn fast. Thank you for the opportunity to finally work with something that makes a lot of sense “
    Faleilelagi Foster
  • Jenanah_w._amatullah-muqsit
    “ Great beginning, I am very pleased with what I have seen about this program so far. I look forward to learning more, and generating a good income by helping to provide what is needed in the real estate market today. “
    Jenanah W. Amatullah-muqsit
  • Janice_nagao
    “ REI Matcher & the MAPS/AMPS Program is brilliant. “
    Janice Nagao

Our Mission

REIMatcher is the Largest Marketplace for Wholesale & Seller Finance Real Estate in the United States. Real Estate Investors love it for the Deals, but they love it more for it’s powerful suite of investing tools. REIMatcher is the most advanced Investing platform ever built, enabling successful investors across the country to find, analyze, buy, & close Real Estate Deals. That’s because it was developed from the ground up by a Team of Successful Real Estate Investors…for Real Estate Investors. “We had one mission when we created REIMatcher, and that was…To Build the System we wished we’d had when we first began investing…with Rich, Powerful Tools that will put your business on Autopilot & Fuel Faster Success in a Shorter Period of Time. We love Investing…we love Technology…and we love Helping People Succeed. If you want to make money Investing in Real Estate, follow the recipe of other successful Investors who have gone before you…